Our Services

We are putting the Priority back on You.

Navigating your way through the financial industry is daunting.  Who do you trust?  Why trust them? 


At Priority Financial Group, we simplify the conversation by explaining how the market came to be what it is and why most financial planners all seem to point you in one main direction.  With this information, choices become clear and you will understand why we choose safe & protected money directions.  Sound & Positive Growth oriented strategies.  

We are an Independent Financial Planning Firm.  This gives us the capability of being free from larger company protocols and actually finding the right company and solution to fit our clients needs.  Together, we will find the right thing to do at the right time.  A truly tailored solution, made to fit you.   

Here are a few of the Service Questions our clients consider:

Protected & Safe Money:

  • Safe Money is Protected Money with known results

  • Do you have money saved or invested you don’t want to lose?

  • Are you comfortable with a historical 3 – 7% ROI?

  • Can you commit this money into a 7 – 10 year strategy?


Tax Advantage “ROTH” money:

  • Do you need a tax advantaged income stream - Rich Man’s ROTH?

  • Are you interested in building wealth that is tax free?

  • Can you commit predictable annual income to at least a 7 year strategy?

  • Are you able to qualify for life insurance?

Predictable & Dependable Retirement Income:

  • Do you want additional dependable retirement income?

  • Do you want to make sure you don’t outlive your retirement income?

  • Does your retirement income need to be protected from stock market losses?

  • Do you have savings / investments that can be committed to this strategy? 

Long Term Care Asset Protection:

  • LTC is needed if you can no longer can perform everyday tasks.  This is one of the most costly events that you may incur.  Protection is vital.

  • Does your wealth need protection against the potential of a LTC health crisis?

  • Have you or will you, identify savings, investments or income to pay for a LTC health crisis?

  • Are you currently healthy enough to care for yourself?

Inheritance / Estate Planning:

  • Do you have wealth that you want others to inherit?

  • Do you want to leverage your wealth to double or triple your inheritance? 

  • Are you healthy enough to qualify for life insurance?

  • Do you want them to receive the inheritance tax free? 

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